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Ray's Tips for winter
At this time of year most of us are probably wondering - will we have snow this winter? Whilst some of us look forward to the picturesque white covering, even the lightest sprinkling seems to cause choas on the roads. If last year is anything to go on, it's not the white stuff we should be ready for, it's the wet stuff!

So many variables affect our weather, making it difficult to predict what's coming our way, so to steal a phrase 'be prepared' is the best thing we can do. Some quick winter vehcile checks will help ensure you stay moving this winter:

Ray's Tip:

The following checks will keep you on the move this winter:

Check oil levels. In very cold weather conditions, oil with a lower viscocity may help.
Check the wiper blades for deterioration and top up the wiper fluid. Clear snow from the wipers to prevent damage to the motor.
Check the fans, heaters and demisters are working in your vehicle so you can quickly clear condensation from your windows before you travel.
Check your fluid levels (coolant, anti-freeze and oil)
Top up the radiator with anti-freeze, a 50:50 ratio of anti-freeze to water will prevent fluids from freezing.
Check the tyre treads - good grip is needed in the snow. Winter tyres could be fitted or buy tyre chains/ snow socks for a cheaper option.
Check the battery voltage is running at full charge.
Keep topped up with fuel as running on empty in the cold can damage the fuel tank.
Check all brakes are effective. Check all lights are working.
Check your emergency equipment (eg; warning triangle, hi-visibility vest, first aid kit)..
Carry a winter kit in your vehicle (ice scraper, de-icer, shovel, blanket, phone charger, reflective jacket/ triangle, torch & spare batteries, emergency flashing light, bag of sand/old carpet mats for traction) And on those long journeys, always take water and a snack.
If you prefer to leave it to the experts, R Hunt 4X4 can offer a winter vehicle check, so give Ray a call to book in your vehicle.

Winter essentials now in stock:

Winter Screen Wash
Snow chains and socks.
R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire fields and farming

R Hunt 4x4 Salisbury Wiltshire fields and farming